Aurelija Shija’Nohea

Hello Art Lover,


I am a self educated mixed media artist from Lithuania. I now create my unique pieces here in Vietnam for both business and private art lovers.


The Spirit of Art accompanies me from my childhood that I am very grateful for. The first time I saw mixed media art with polymer clay was when I bought a book for my sister as a birthday present. After a while I learnt that my sister was not inspired by the book as much as I was. I bought a copy for myself and then all the fun began… it was autumn 2011.


Polymer clay is the main material used in the artwork I create in combination with precious and semi-precious stones, charms, beads, glass and fabric. I also use a technique called acrylic pouring.


For myself the creation process is sacral and intimate with power to heal, expand and uplift during and afterwards. It is amazing to witness the birth of beauty. I encourage everyone to awake their inner artist and live life creatively. Be blessed and live with an open heart.