Artworks play a role in our life not only for their appearance but also for the unbelievable amount of energy that is stored in them. Energy of the artwork is capable of changing the energy in the room depending on what purpose and intention it was created…not to mention the power to inspire and heal the person emotionally and mentally. The longer an observer looks at the artwork the stronger effect one can feel. As we say feeling = healing.

All the artworks created by Shija’Nohea can be pre-ordered and created individually for the customer. Clients ask for specific size / energy/ colour/ title/ intention. Neither the client, nor the author knows what the final artwork will look like. This magic is revealed at the moment the artwork meets the new owner.

Depending on the chosen size it usually takes a month to create an artwork. Also there may be waiting period depending on number of pending orders.

To confirm the order prepayment of 20% is required.

Artworks delivery fee is included in the price for deliveries in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and Lithuania (Vilnius).

For all other destinations please send your inquiry to

Every artwork has a signed certificate indicating the name, the date of creation, size, materials and the meaning of the artwork.

Artwork description

Choose the mandala from the gallery that you would like to connect with.

Concentrate your sight to the centre of mandala and expand your sight to cover all shape.

Focus your sight and feel the energy flowing from the mandala to you. The energy is surrounding you, entering your space. Allow the energy to be, to go deeper and deeper into your energy field.

Close your eyes and breath in that energy. You will feel the flow of pure, fresh, cleaning, vitalising energy within you.

Allow yourself to feel, you can say out loud or in your mind:
“I see You,
I feel You,
I remember You,
Thank You”