Measurements: 64,5×65,5cm

Materials: Polymer clay, metal, beads, Red and Green Coral

Date: 2016 August

Description: Unconditional love is the purest, lightest energy. It is the state of miracles.  Miracles can become daily state. It’s letting what was believed as impossible to become possible. Loving ourselves unconditionally is a key to miraculous experiences.

The Mandala reminds that we all are made of pure unconditional love. No matter what negative feelings, emotions or beliefs we are holding that doesn’t change our true essence. The Mandala empowers shifts from darkness to state of remembering the highest truth in lightest and highest ways.

Red Coral represents the life force, beauty, tranquility, fertility, spiritual awakening, passion, gentleness, strength, joy, health.

Green Coral represents friendliness, uniqueness, shifts, vast growth, confidence.