Measurements:  85X85cm

Materials: Polymer clay, metal, glass, Lazurite stone, Mother-of-pearl

Data: 2016 January

Description: All is One. That One experiences different life forms in seven planes of existence. Seven planes of existence is a meaning of All that is. The idea of seven planes of existence was given to the founder of Thetahealing® Vianna Stibal. All planes have their unique energy called vibration. Frequency of vibrations separate each plane one from another. The first six planes are an illusion the seventh plane is a pure truth and divinity.

The seventh plane is the Creator of All that Is the bright pearl white light, that is pure unconditional love, power of creation. Mother-of-pearl in the center of mandala represents the 7th plane, the Creator’s light.

The sixt plane is Universal Laws. Where are thousands of Laws in this Universe, such as law of magnetism, law of gravity, law of light, law of compassion etc. Each Law has it’s colour, form, energy. The circle around mother-of-pearl represents the 6th plane. It’s like a jelly base substance.

The fifth plane includes ascended masters, angels, archangels, spiritual guides, Gods and Godesses, Jesus Christ, Buda, Shiva etc. It reflects golden colour and all shades of it. Tiles with wings, feathers and golden shades represents the 5th plane.

In the fourth plane live spirits. Spirits of our ancestors, totem animals. In mandala glass, animals represent the 4th plane.

In the third plane belong human beings, animals. The third plane was crated to master emotions in a physical body. Tiles with feeling of humanity as well animals represent the 3rd plane.

The second plane is made of organics. It includes all nature, vitamins, plants, trees. Fairies and elves also belong to this plane of existence. All four elements earth, water, air and fire is also part of the second plane. You can see it very clearly in the middle of mandala in shape the of grass, plants.

The first plane is made of all inorganic materials: minerals, crystals, stones etc. In mandala it is represented by Lazurite stone and metallic details. Lazurite stimulates the third eye chakra, promotes intuitive abilities and psychic development.


All planes are significant and equal. Separation between them is an illusion. In all planes mass learning is experienced just in different forms, shapes and methods. Everybody carries all seven planes of existence within himself.


The mandala caries energies of Unity, Growth, Peace, Tranquility, Oneness, Responsibility, Confidence, Cooperation, Contribution, Relevance. You could ask to full fill you with all the positive energies it carries inside and help you to fully understand, balance and harmonise All Seven Planes of Existence within you in the lightest and highest ways.