Measurements:  34X34cm

Materials: Polymer clay, metal, crystal-Sapphire, Rhodonite, Tiger’s Eye, Agate, Amazonite

Data: 2018 June

To remember who you really are is a wonderful gift, that you can give to yourself and the world right now. You are Love with purpose and aim in this physical form. Allow yourself to blossom with freedom, happiness and confidence. Allow yourself to recognise the truth about others and how we are all connected. What is the purpose of our encounters and what is bringing us together. Everything is in the Divine Synchrony. That itself is a miracle. I allow myself to remember and see what is important for my growth and for the Divine Synchrony of All That Is.


Sapphire- spiritual power, astuteness, unshakeable inner calm, concentration with great strength on a goal

Rhodonite- forgiveness, mutual understanding.

Tiger’s Eye – overview, clarity in external currents.

Agate- growth, development, blossom, deep security when homesick or lonely