Measurements: 58,5x 58,5 cm

Materials: Polymer clay, metal, glass, Agate stone

Data: 2017 December

Description: To breath in and out, what an cleansing, refreshing, meaningful, vitalizing process it is. It is the same as giving and receiving. The cycle of breathing is so natural, it happens without drama, without fear or fight.  The same is with breathing your divine essence. You are constantly breathing the love and light, which is around you. You are surrounded by pure, divine loving energies just concentrate your sight. Remember what you really want to do in this lifetime. What makes you happy and satisfied? Without ifs and buts..  without worries or doubts. Breathe out your talents and gifts you carry inside, express them and share it with the world, The World needs you. You are worlds’ hope and wealth. And so it is. This is the truth. Create paradise in your life and in many others..

Is your inner child proud of you? Remember your childhood dreams. What you believed in?  How you imagined your future? You knew the truth. You knew why you came here, what you will do, how you would realize your inner gifts. Everything was possible for you. And so it is now. If you think differently that means that you lost your divine way. Be the example for the little you. So that looking through your childish eyes you would admire yourself, live with an open heart and accept all the gifts Universe is giving to you.

Let this Mandala to remind you your true completeness, your limitless opportunities and easiness, which will lead you to your self realization path. The Angel in the middle of the mandala symbolizes support, assistance, guardianship in your path as well light flight and meaning of  wholeness.

The Mandala reminds and strengthens in you such virtues as recovery, blossoming, self love and love to the world, forgiveness, acceptance, recognition, self confidence, freedom to act, free will, meaningfulness, courage, vast opportunities, self belief, belief of life and Universe, openness, sincerity, heartiness, love for you inner child, friendship, unity, acceptance and nourishment of your inner child, inspiration, intuition, enlightenment, easiness, perseverance, determination, wholeness, oneness, light, wisdom, acceptance and support in family, joy, happiness, success, life goal, Divine connection, Divine guidance, maturity and courage.