Measurements:  55x55cm

Materials: Polymer clay, pearls,metal

Data: 2019 May

Life-loved woman is idleness free. She feels satisfaction in creating goodness in her life and in life of others. 

Awarded woman is the one accepting what is given to her (material things, situations whether uplifting or distracting, circumstances, even people) and the one who sees the value and importance of that and elevates herself into the next level of love and compassion. 

Saint woman is the one who embodies her virtues. 

Amazon is sensitive woman who has mastered her body and feels comfort and freedom in being alive… All this treasure is within you. See it, feel it and get to know that better and better …

Supporting energies of the artwork: 

  • Communication, union;
  • New directions, going far more than expected; 
  • Love of femininity;
  • Inner treasures;
  • Pray

Pearl encourages spiritual growth, helps to acknowledge emotions and to transform them.