Measurements: 70×70 cm

Materials: Polymer clay, metal, beads, glass, Mother-of-pearl (nacre)

Data: 2015 April

Description: When two souls make a commitment to meet in the lifetime they will meet whatever circumstances occur. The connection between soul mates is so strong that can be uplifting or damaging. The matter is how you love yourself, how you treat yourself and what do you think about yourself. It’s not selfish to think about yourself, to explore yourself and work on the disturbing issues within you. Having peaceful, fruitful relations means being in good relationship with yourself first.

The Mandala is telling the story about growing your love to self and to others, that it is never too late to start sowing a seed of peace, love and forgiveness to yourself and others. Next step is accumulating those feelings more and more. It is the same as taking care of the plant, watering it, weeding and being connected with it. Than one day it starts blossoming and later on provides fruits and seeds at the same time. So than you can sow even more seeds of love, peace and forgiveness and inspire others by your living example. It’s like building the castle of your dreams which is full of happiness, appreciation, service, communication, gratitude, abundance, freedom, responsibility for your actions, words and thoughts, limitless opportunities, dignity, loyalty, beauty and freedom.  Where is a story of Happily ever after.

Mother-of-pearl in the mandala represents virtues of cheerfulness, security, protection, trust, belief in yourself and others, respect.