Measurements:  63,5×63,5cm

Materials: polymer clay, sapphire, agate crystals, metal

Data: 2019 June

Equinox is the time when day and night become equal and in nature happen magical transformation. 

The Spring Equinox marks the rebirth and the beginning of new life, abundance. That’s the time when the nature exudes a massive amount of positive energy. 

The Autumn Equinox strengthens the power to alter one’s destiny and make life happier as well affects the harmony of spirit. When a woman and a man meet with open hearts and loving self they create miracles of equinox in their daily lives, then everyone can sense the magic that’s coming from them…

Supporting energies of the artwork: 

  • Openness, respect;
  • Commonness, compassion;
  • Sincerity;
  • Collaboration, support;
  • Gratitude.

Sapphire stone bestows with an unshakeable inner calm, helps collect one’s thoughts and concentrate them with great strength on a goal.

Agate is a crystal of growth, development, blossom, promotes feeling of profound security when homesick or lonely.