Living abroad has given me an insight that we are all the same beings with feelings, dreams, goals just different experiences in life. I was born in the Soviet Union, at that time my beloved country Lithuania formed part of it. At the age of 4 Lithuania regained its independence so I grew up in a free country. Today Lithuania is a European minded country with high values and vivid cultures. Our move to Asia has expanded my views and helped me to learn that people in different countries celebrate the same occasions but on different days. For example Mother’s day in Lithuania is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, in the UK it is three weeks before Easter Sunday, in Vietnam is on the seventh full moon of lunar calendar. The same is Father’s day, in Lithuania it is celebrated on the first Sunday in June, although many countries observe this day on the third Sunday in June. Around the world Father’s Day is celebrated on 17 different dates for various reasons.


With Father’s day approaching, mothers visited MeaningArt studio with their children to create their own individual pieces of art. The boys decided to create art pieces to express their love to their fathers on Father’s day. They each made unique male brooches using polymer clay. You can see how loving and sincere these brooches are. One boy Adi embellished his brooch with two aeroplanes in order for his dad to be lucky and safe during his flights. Another boy, Isaiah meticulously coloured the brooch with the same colours as his dad’s company’s logo. Can you think of a better present for daddy than these thoughtful and loving art pieces created with their little fingersWhile the children were busy creating brooches the mums made earrings. A big thank you goes to all the mothers who brought their children to the studio and helped them learn new things in life and express their creativity in new ways.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the fathers a Happy Fathers Day on whatever date you will be celebrating…



Adi’s brooch for his father


Isaiah’s brooch for his father

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